Possible mistakes in VDL2 Manual

I don't know if perhaps I'm misinterpretting it or not, but on the suspended cymbals keymap (p.65) should the three crescendos around C3 be loud crescendos instead of repeating the softs on C2? I figured maybe this was a minor detail overlooked in editting... similar to all of those little inconsistencies in multi-million dollar movies :-)

I just came across another little mistake in the manual.  In the suspended cymbal keymap the loud and soft hits are flipped so...

Loud should be F3

Soft should be G3

As an aside, these djembe sounds rock my socks!

You got it Bryan! That is indeed a typo. C3, D3, E3 should read "loud cresc". Those keymap diagrams were brutal to proofread and of course a few glitches slipped through the cracks.

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