Kontakt 2.1

Servers are currently overloaded, but the long awaited Kontakt 2.1 has been released.

Not sure if anyone else who has updated is having this problem, but I've already encountered a few problems:

1) The loading time is slower on my computer than it was.
2) Dragging from panel 2 onto the rack makes the program freeze.

I don't know if my case is an exclusive one, but for basic use, it seems like a step down from the last release to me. Might wanna hold off until these basic bugs are worked out.

However, the ability to compact it down into a player sized window is kinda neat.
Bryan - i'm not sure why your seeing the crash, but you might want to send a support ticket to NI and see if they recognize it as a bug.

You might want to try creating an alternate (Kontakt 2) version of your VDL library. Start by taking the ";instruments"; and ";multis"; folders, and COPY them into a new folder named ";VDL2 K2"; (or something). Once you've done this, open Kontakt and do a ";batch re-save"; to the instruments in this new folder you just created. It's importatnt to keep an untainted version of the main library or else it won't open in your VDL2 Kontakt Player if you ever need to.

Perhaps once you've resaved the instruments in Kontakt 2.1 format you won't experience the issue with load times. Ironically 2.1 is supposed to speed up load times substantially, so something definitely sounds a little screwy.
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