will VDL2 work with Finale 2003?

Just curious as to whether or not VDL2 and Finale 2003 will work together.  I could never afford to shell out 500 bucks to buy finale 06 or sibelius 4.  I used a trial version of Finale 2005 with VDL2, but after 30 days you can't save or print.

It will work with Finale 2003, however there are a few glitchy things that we're still trying to iron out of the template. If you are a registered user of Finale 2003, you can purchase the upgrade to 2006 for around $169 I think. Sometimes it's hard to keep up with companies that release paid updates yearly, but since your version is pretty old (by software standards), it might not be a bad thing to consider.
Yes and no.  The library works with Finale 2003 but I believe there is some template issues, which is required to use VDL with a notation program.  Both Finale and Sibelius have upgrade/crossgrade offers that allow to get the newest version for around $200.  Tapspace has the offer for Sibelius, check with makemusic for the Finale offer.

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Plus I was hungover and out of town. Not bad, eh? :)
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