Advice - more RAM or external HD?

I have 1.2 gigs of ram and using sibelius 4 with kontakt2, andVdl2. I am having some minor play back problems. Apple  RAM is so expensive and I need more hardrive space, so would purchasing a fast external drive and using a combo of dfd and sample be the answer I am looking for? Also how do I change my staff type to show the glock parts in the right range on the staff I understand the transposing issue but all those ledger lines are horrid.

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I got 2 GB of RAM for my Dell laptop from for 53.00 a couple of weeks ago. I'd been considering it for quite some time and kept my eye on the price. The same 2 GB of RAM was around 100.00 6 months ago. I'm not sure if the price drop was due to the type of RAM my laptop uses or if the price of RAM is dropping in general.
A lot of the bloggers have good things to say about the Hitachi 7200rpm 200GB laptop hard drive. A bit on the expensive side, but that will definitely be my next purchase (happy birthday to me).
shipped for $83, ordering mine soon

(for my iMac intel 24";)

Hey guys,

So I just came across a new (new for me at least) Memory Site. I picked up 4 gb of RAM for $93!!!

Originally I thought was cheap, but these guys (data memory) BLOW them away!

I've found some pretty good deals on RAM (Apple) at: It's never a bad idea to have more, especially when using  this sort of thing. The best of both worlds would be to have more RAM, as well as stream samples (that use DFD) from a fast second drive. A second internal ATA drive is typically better than a second external drive though Firewire isn't a bad alternative. If you need to make a choice, go for the extra RAM. If you still need more HD storage space, it would seem that you're going to need another drive anyway. Or you could back up important files to a DVD and not house them on your internal HD. Things have a way of piling up...

For your glock issue, click the first bar of your glock staff, then go to [b]Create>Other>Transposition Change[/b].
Set it so ";written middle C sounds as ";C"; in octave no. ";4 (middle C)";.

You probably don't need to do an actual ";staff type change"; for the transposition issue.
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