Help with Finale 2006 input - only one sound/notehead

i'm very new to the whole sampling thing. i was able to use VDL:1 fairly easily, but VDL:2 is proving to be a complicated beast that i can't seem to figure out yet. i've browsed through the forum for a couple days now, but i can't seem to figure out what's wrong.

i'm using finale 2006, i've downloaded the latest template, have tried loading vdl:2 through a variety of different methods(as vst plug-in, through vdl2 player, through kontakt 2), but i keep getting the same results.

i get playback of the library when i load it into kontakt, and even when i try to input the notes in finale, so i think i have it set up correctly...but what is happening in finale, is no matter what sound i hear when i use my O2(rimshot on 12"; quad, regular hit on 12, etc) it shows the same notehead and plays back the same sound even though i entered them as different notes. this is the same for the snare and bass staffs, i've just used the quads as an example. glock staff enters marimba, even though glock is set up in the instrument list, etc.

does anyone have any suggestions? i'm sure it's something stupid that i'm missing
Assuming you're using ";Speedy Entry"; when inputting with your O2, check to make sure ";Use MIDI Device for Input"; is selected in the ";Speedy"; menu. Also be sure your M-Audio USB device (the O2) is selected as your INPUT device in the MIDI Setup window.

You'll find lots of good ideas on this forum, and also on the Finale forums at: For future reference, please be sure to give your postings here a more appropriate subject line, so other folks who browse the forums might benefit from the topic. ";Help!"; isn't all that helpful. Don't panic, you're probably just a few clicks away from having this completely rockin.

Also - if you haven't already, you might want to download the ";Quickstart Tutorial"; PDF at:
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sorry about the subject....speedy menu seems to have done the trick.

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