weird playback with kontakt 2 program changes

Hey, I'm getting really weird playback whenever I try to use an instrument bank in kontakt 2, it happens when I play just that solo instrument, simply click on its notes or play it with the full score. For instance, on a marimba voice, the resonance is cut short by a blip-like sound and if I have input chords, only some chord tones come out and sometimes they come out after the chord was played (or clicked on). It works fine without program changes, and Sibelius 4 is telling Kontakt the right program. If you guys could help me figure this out, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

In Kontakt, check the maser CPU meter, and the voice monitor to see what kind of reading you're getting. (This is up near the upper RH corner of the screen). Sounds like you may be getting some jerky playback.

Also, what are the settings in Kontakt's ";Soundcard"; setup dialog? (particularly the 'interface' and 'latency' settings)

You might also try removing the reverb from each instrument to eliminate that aspect to the CPU load. In K2 you don't need an individual reverb send in each instrument.

What version of Kontakt 2 are you using?
The CPU meter has not gone past 1 bar. All I'm doing to test it right now is click on the notes on the staff and I'm getting varying results. Sometimes it sounds good, other times it blips in and out, or I only get one voice. The number of voices seem alright, it reads 2 when I click on two note chord, more when the voice is actually being played. I checked this against another marimba staff that is scored the same, but does not go through a program bank and the number of voices it was reading appeard to be the same. The interface is ASIO, latency is 50 ms. I have misplaced my user guide so I can't remember what you recommended for that, so perhaps that's the problem. I'm using Kontakt Thanks for your help.


For starters, you should upgrade your Kontakt to at least version You can download it for free at the NI website once you've logged in with your username. There's also a new 2.1 version available, but some folks have reported a few problems, so it's up to you whether you want to go there yet.

Depending on your processor speed, you might find slightly better results by lowering your latency a bit - say around 40ms. If you have a super fast processor, you can probably get away with lower as well, but 50ms is toward the high side and can result in some delayed response, and lop-sided rhythms during fast tempos.

My guess is that the Kontakt update will solve many of your problems.
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