Problems in Kontakt 2.1

I tried to update to Kontakt 2.1 today and had an issue with notes re-attacking on the release of the note, i.e. one attack when depressing the key and one when releasing the key.  It also happened in playback which makes me think it could be a note on/off issue.   It only happened on Marimba, Xylophone and Timpani.  I checked all the parameters I could in each instrument and couldn't find anything that would cause the problem.   At one point, I thought it might be a channel problem, in some way, because those instruments were assigned to odd channels.  But, as I went through the channels, there were instruments in odd channels that didn't have that problem.

This all occured using Sibelius 4, by the way, so I'm not sure if it's just a Sibelius problem with K2.1.

Just curious if anyone else encountered this.  If so, any solutions?  I ended up reinstalling 2.0 because I had a project to finish and didn't have time to mess with it anymore.


PowerBook G4 17";
1.67 GHz
Memory: 1.5 GB

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I've tried to duplicate this problem with Kontakt 2.1 and can't. Can you remember which exact marimba/xylo/timpani instruments were exhibiting this behavior? It sounds like you're getting some sort of release trigger, but there shouldn't be anything in the programming of the instruments to cause that to happen.

It doesn't sound like it would have anything to do with Sibelius.

If you decide to try again with K2.1 later, and see the same problem, save your multi (.nkm) and PM me with it as an attachment so I can take a peek at what may be going on under the hood. Definitely sounds strange.
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