VDL2 and the MIDI keyboard

I apologize if something like this has already been posted.

I recently switched out MIDI keyboards because the one I had before did not have a mod wheel.
After doing the necessary uninstallation of the old and adding of the new (plug-n-play), VDL2 crashes as soon as I open it.
I have been able to go to the setup on VDL2 and select the new MIDI keyboard (M-Audio Keystation 49e) maybe 3 times, but I have not been able to get past that point - the old keyboard still appears in the MIDI input window, by the way.

I have uninstalled, installed, and reinstalled VDL2 numerous times, but that doesn't work. My guess is that VDL2 is looking for the old MIDI keyboard, then freaks out because it's not there? Any way to have it find/focus on the new keyboard? Is that even the problem?

XP Pro - Service Pack 2
Pentium 4 2.40GHz
1.00GB RAM
dont' quote me on this but I think you need to set it up in your audio midi setup first.

try that
Install Bome's virtual keyboard, and unplug your 49e.  Do you still get a crash?

What did you uninstall?  Did you check that the registry was clean of references?

What does the crash screen say?

Remember, we can't see your problem in person, so be our eyes - even if it seems obvious, describe it.
Ok, here is what I have done so far. By the way, the keyboard I uninstalled before the Keystation 49e was the Creative Prodikeys PC-MIDI Keyboard.

First of all, I removed the Keystation 49e and installed Bome's keyboard. Bome's works, but VDL2 still doesn't. Here are the error messages that I received and steps I took. The first three were done back-to-back to see if the messages were consistent.

1.) Ran VDL2 - BSOD message BAD_POOL_CALLER
3.) Ran VDL2 - BSOD message Run driver verifier or enable special pool to reveal corrupted driver
4.) Ran Driver Verifier, and it found a problem, but did not give details other than that the problem was on the kernel stack.
5.) Uninstalled, then installed and reinstalled VDL2

All of the BSOD's came up as soon as I opened VDL2.

As far as clearing the registry of any instance/reference of the Creative MIDI keyboard, I'm not familiar enough with the registry to just go in there and edit it. I looked in the registry and the Creative MIDI keyboard reference does exist, I'm just not sure how to go about safely removing it.

Thanks to everyone for contributing any and all help!
I would suggest you send a support request to NI via their online support form. There may be some old files that are conflicting with your new installation.

You can submit the support request using this online form (you'll need to login first - using the same account info you used when you registered VDL2):
Some other, less elegant ideas I might suggest, short of calling tech support exist.  However, if you're not good with digging in your registry, it's probably not for you.  However, two ideas spring to mind...

1) Uninstall ALL of your keyboards.  Reinstall your creative, reboot, uninstall it, reboot.  Then proceed with checking VDL again.

2) Check inside your Hardware Mangler (Manager) and see if there are any listed conflicts, marked by yellow triangle ! or red do-not-enters.  They may give you a clue.  Ctrl Panel > System.

Additionally, as for registry entries, yes, you need to be careful.  Don't go deleting stuff en masse.  Set a restore point before playing with it, and dig in.  After doing step 1, there in theory should be no trace of the creative hardware.  (If you have a creative soundcard, make sure you're referencing the keyboard, etc.)  If there's leftovers, ditch them.  DISCLAIMER - If you hose your machine, don't blame me.  You're at your own risk.  :)  That said, I still encourage you to try...

The set of messages leads me to believe that you have multiple keyboard drivers loading into the same IRQ channel.  Old school MIDI stuff can still choke on that. 

A final suggestion...  check your startup.  Start > Run ";msconfig";, startup tab.  Creative has a habit of sticking crap in there.  Check that post-uninstall.  You may still be loading drivers, even though you uninstalled all their add-on programs.

Good luck.  If you still have problems, and get no joy from Native, come back with your stack dump log, or at least the memory addresses and file names from your BSOD.  If you get a BSOD like IRQL not less or equal, it also tells you what file caused it.  That will also narrow down your troubleshooting.  Get the file name from the BSOD and google it.  =)
NI did not give me anything other than the problem is not NI related. And they were right.

I did what you said drumcat in step 1, and it actually worked probably the 5th or 6th time I did it all. I'm still having driver issues, which is leading to the bsod. The plug-n-play may not be working right. Anyway, I think I figured out a possible remedy.

Thanks to everyone, including Mr. Casella, for your help!
That's great news - thanks for letting us know. You're welcome for any assistance. Hopefully your remedy will work in the meantime so you can actually start making some music!

Best of luck!
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