Dynamics in finale 2005

Alright dudes, I finally got finale 2005 and VDL2 to play back (in human playback versions) dynamics... BUT for whatever reason it just won't play triplet roll figures!  Any tuplet with a diddle on it the computer won't play!

I know this isn't a finale forum but I figured i'd get better help faster here...


I'm presuming that you mean when diddles are added as articulations the playback is not representative of what you would expect to hear.  The easiest fix for this is to select every ";diddled"; figure with the mass mover tool, then go to Plug-ins > TG Tools > Smart Playback.  Check the trills/tremolos/diddles box and then click go (or play if you'd like a preview of what it will sound like).

There is a feature in the human playback for playing drum rolls, but that is has always been a little weird with regards to playing 16th note diddles and higher.

I hope this helps and is what you were looking for.
Hi Bryan,

thanks for the response... That is what I did in the past but it would never play back dynamics... now in Marching Band style of Human playback it plays dynamics and all diddle passages except for those on triplets!  If I do as you instruct it still does not playback at all because of the Human Playback settings.  And yes I do add diddles as articulations.  Though I do appreciate the response!

That's what I was going to suggest as well. Finale's Human Playback features have added some great functionality, but I've heard similar problems in regard to proper diddle playback. Seems like some combination of Human Playback and the old TG Tools plugin might be the best solution until they can improve that.

Keep in mind, if you do use the TG Tools method, essentially it will place the diddle figures as ";hidden"; rhythms into layer 4. So if you later decide to alter something in that measure, don't forget to adjust what's going on in layer 4.

I'm not sure of the solution for the triplet diddle problem. Have you upgraded your Finale 2005 to the most current version (2005b?...not sure).

As a last resort, you could always just write out the diddles (i.e. 16th note sixtuplet with RRLLRR sticking). Not as glamorous, but one way to workaround.

I'm sure there may be some other Finale folks here who might be able to offer other suggestions. Still, not a bad idea to pose this question on the Finale forums as well.

Good luck!
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