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Hi guys.  Not sure you can help here.  I had been using Sibelius (now 4) with VDL2 and #1 Sound Recorder to make CDs.  My system started crashing so I purchased a new Dell XPS 400.  I loaded Sibelius4, VDL2, and bought a new copy of #1 Sound Recorder but I'm having problems.  When looking for the ";What you hear"; option in #1 SR, the only choices showing are Line In, Rear Mic and Microphone.  Looking at other ";sound recording"; software leads me to the same problem.  I now suspect that it has something to do with what is called a Sigma Tel Audio mixer device that came with my new Dell.  I've received no response from tech help from A-OneSoft company that produces #1 SR.

I have plenty of RAM, huge hard drive etc.  Nothing hardware wise that would create a problem.

Any other suggestions anyone can come up with?

>> I've received no response from tech help from A-OneSoft company that produces #1 SR.

When I bought #1 Sound Recorder, I couldn't get it to work -- it was as if the registration codes were no good. When I tried emailing and calling (even relentlessly so), I never got any response or even acknowledgement that I had any sort of problem. I lost that $30 and have been skeptical ever since.

So, I say that to say that you can pretty much count on them doing nothing for you. And not even making an attempt.

[quote author=drumcat link=topic=1135.msg4799#msg4799 date=1148403838]
Audacity.�� $0.


You can say that again! I've gotten tons of mileage out of Audacity.

erath and drumcat, I really appreciate the feedback and will try Audacity.

erath, by the way, I'm working with RegSoft, the company that handles the ordering and billing for A-OneSoft.  They've notified A-OneSoft that unless they hear directly from them, they will issue a credit to me.  If I don't see one, I'm already in contact with my banking institution to ";reverse"; the charge.  That allows a company to respond but if they don't the reversal stands.


Glad to hear you are having more luck with A-One than I did. It's certainly possible that I was that one guy out of a thousand that they just didn't treat right.

I had the same problem with A-One.�� I ordered the full version and it took forever to get a response from them.�� After all that, I could only record at 11025 Hz which sounded like it was being played behind a wall!�� Any higher a quality and I would have poor start-offs and extreme stuttering.�� Audacity helped a lot.
I hate to be ";that guy,"; but I just got Audicy today and can't figure out how to get my sibelius VD2 sounds to record into it.
I am sure it's easy, but I just don't get it.
If you don't want to be ";that"; guy, what you do is search the forum.

I'll give you a hint though...  Make sure your sound card is set to record from the source you're playing VDL2 from.  If you're not sure, look for a ";what u hear";.  That records everything on your soundcard.

Not to be blunt -- sorry.  Just search here, and you'll find those answers pretty easily.
I have been using a few different programs to record with and have had different results. I really dig Audacity. It is really easy to use.

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