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Hey could use some help/suggestions!

I recently had a C drive crash and reinstalled windows. I had placed VDL2 in another drive and of course now I can not run it. I also recently added a 2nd hardrive.... have I now permanently lost that installation of VDL2 or is there some way to recover it from NI?

I can start the program but it immediately shuts me  out ... Don't know how to proceed .... sorry if this is a Noobish question or if I missed the answer somewhere else.



Inevitibly, things like this may happen with computers. Fortunately the NI registration system will account for this. Your VDL2 ";Registration Tool"; (found in VDL2's program folder) will give you the unique system ID of each particular system. Check that, and then log into your NI account at:

...and click the ";view and manage registrations"; link. Here you can de-activate your old registrations which will allow you to re-register it on your newly formatted machine. If you get stuck along the way, contact NI registration support using this form:

Good luck!
thanks Jim for the quick response ... will give it a shot right now!

OK .... I did what you said ... deactivated my copy and tried to re-registerbut it wouldn't allow me to continue. I have an email to support at NI asking for help (haven't got a reply yet but it was a weekend). Will I be able to just uninstall and reinstall and use my second registration of VDL2?  I sure hope I haven't lost it 'cause I only have the opener written!! Any Help would be appreciated.

If your System ID has changed (you can view it in the Registration Tool), deactivating your prior registration should not hinder your ability to register the software on your machine which you've reinstalled windows on. It's important to check the system ID. Once you de-activate it, it will not be able to be re-activated on the same system ID. If you reinstalled windows like you mentioned, i believe that would generate a new system ID upon running the registration tool again.

If you haven't heard back from NI Registration Support by the end of today, it might be worth re-submitting your request.
Jim ...
I got an email from NI yesterday and everything is cool again. Thanks so much for the help... and the coolest product !

Good luck to the Green Team this year can't wait to see your new line.

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