VD2 AND Sibelius

I've been really thinking about buying these both...BUT, I don't have THAT great of a machine. My friend and I are going to clear it completely, and then I will probably buy it, BUT...I just have 1 question...

Besides all the needed space for both programs, what else do I need? To hear everything I write and/or download...are the 2 programs all I [u]need[/u]?
Hi there.

95% of VDL users also have a MIDI keyboard. This is an important component for entering notes since the various non-pitched percussion instruments are comprised of many many sounds, each assigned to a unique midi pitch. The keystation 49e is a popular, entry level choice.

RAM is probably the most crucial component if you want to load many instruments at once. CPU speed would be next. Read the VDL2 system requirements, and read the various FAQs at: https://www.tapspace.com/vdl2. The FAQ link is near the top of the page.

While VDL2 will work with nearly all audio cards, it performs better if you're using a soundcard that uses ASIO drivers. You can check with the manufacturer of your soundcard to make sure. Most creative labs cards offer this, and there are many others that work well without being too expensive.

Using VDL2 with Sibelius will require a ";virtual midi cable"; which is a free piece of software (like Midi Yoke) that you can simply download from the internet. VDL2 instructions walk you through this aspect. VDL2 and Sibelius make a great combo. If you are a student or teacher, you can qualify for the academic priced version of Sibelius. More pricing and info at:

Hope this helps!
Wow...thanks for all your help.

";P.S:"; I can't believe Jim Casella just replied to my post...wow.

(BY THE WAY, Mr. Casella...) I'm EXTREMEMLY excited to see what you do with The Cavaliers this season...:-)
[quote author=zackolas13 link=topic=1150.msg4893#msg4893 date=1149367204]
Besides all the needed space for both programs, what else do I need? To hear everything I write and/or download...are the 2 programs all I [u]need[/u]?

While I think Jim's answer is definitive, I think it might also be worth mentioning that purchasing Kontakt 2 additionally, can really open up the possibilities of what VDL:2 can do.

If the scores you are going to be working on are going to be utilizing 8 voices or less, then you can definitely get by without needing Kontakt 2. You can even run two instances of VDL:2 and get more than 8 voices. It's not the most stable option, but it is usable.

But if you are going to be working on scores that require more than 8 voices, Kontakt 2 will certainly make life easier. I just started using Kontakt last month and have really enjoyed all of the options I have. You can search this forum for lots of discussions on how beneficial it can be.

Speaking as someone who used the program without Kontakt for about a year, you can definitely do plenty of stuff and you will also get to be really familiar with the program. But at some point, you should also consider purchasing Kontakt.

Good luck! You're going to love VDL:2!
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