Playback in Finale 2002 and crashes

After 12 hours of ";trouble shooting"; and many problems, I finally got VDL2 to work.  It sounds incredible.  Last night, all of a sudden (after only a few edits were made in finale to accommodate a few diddles.....hidden articulations in layer 2) my playback started crashing.  It never does it in the same point in the music, nor follows any logic.  I have adjusted latency settings and other suggestions, but nothing works.  I have played back one voice at a time to try to isolate the problem.  Again, it crashes no matter which voice is playing, nor does the crashing follow any logic.  I need to make playback CD's for 20 kids in a drum camp starting tomorrow morning.  HELP!
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Please list all your settings within:

1- Finale MIDI Setup

2 - VDL2 MIDI Setup

3 - DFD settings (in VDL2 options)

Also, it would be helpful if you could specify some details about your system (CPU speed, RAM, OS)
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