Rack Combo Template

Need a little help.  I am using Finale 2003.  Im trying to input a sus roll on Rack combo A but it keeps putting the note like 7 ledger lines above the staff.  When I go to the staff tool and try to edit it, it shows it as being on staff line 11, which should be fine.  Why is it placing it so high on the staff?  I tried setting the staff line to 1 just to see if it would change and it didnt.

After messing it with it for a little, I realized it is placing the note on the staff based on where the note is on the keyboard.  Since the sus cym roll is at the top, it is putting it very high.  So everything is doing that.  Why wont it go where it is assigned to? 
Are you using the Finale/VDL2 template? If so, is the staff that you're entering notes into set (with staff attributes tool) to use ";percussion"; notation, and assigned to that particular rack combo?
Hi Fliggity,

If you did everything Jim has said and it's still not right, try this. Go back to your percussion map designer.  Under ";notes to use"; click the ";all named notes"; button.  This should activate the mapping for the suspended cymbal.  I hope that helps.
You did it Scott.  That was it.  Thanks so much.  Thanks Jim, also.  I had it on percussion in the settings.  I've never had this problem before.  Thanks for getting back so quickly.  You all are great!!!
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