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im not sure if this is posted or not already because there is way to many pages to go threw...but im looking into buying VDL2 very soon and wondering can u put it on sheet music like Finale so u can see what your writting n stuff? Does the instruction manual that comes with VDL2 tell you how to write in different time signatures, write diff values like you'll be in 4/4 and have half the measure with 6 tuplets but its 9:8 tuplets sort of thing (if anyone knows what im talking about). Im just tryin to find all this info out because i love writting music but want to know how to write in all those different kind of styles like drum corps and also how to write 2 different bass parts on 1 staff like basses 1-3 are playing a pattern and its written out and then basses 4 n 5 are playing a different part and its written below it.
All the things you talked about are really Finale or Sibelius concerns. Finale and Sibelius are notation programs and are what you ";put notes into."; Virtual Drumline is just the sound library that plays your music back as the Santa Clara drumline.

There are a lot of pages on this forum to go through, but you really could have been a little more thorough and found the answers to what you're asking. Also, I think the product description on the main tapspace page would have probably answered a lot of your questions.

The first thing I would recommend is putting a little more thought and care into your posts, so that they're organized and a little easier to read.

As Eric mentioned, Finale and Sibelius are the programs into which you actually enter notes and whatnot.  If you already ave Finale, you're set.  If not, check out the following links to purchase a copy, or go to http://www.academicsuperstore.com for an academic discount, if you are in fact a student.

http://www.sibelius.com - You can find Sibelius in the store of this website.
http://www.makemusic.com - for Finale

Once you have started writing, the bass drum thing you had mentioned can be accomplished using voices in Sibelius and layers in Finale.

Good luck with all of this. 

Please allow me to agree with Eric and Bryan in the thought that by using the handy-dandy search feature of this forum, you could have found many (if not all) of your answers without having to go ";threw"; (actually through) many pages.  In my mind, the number of pages here on the forum in all the different areas are simply a testament to the huge amount of support for VDL and VDL2.  In short, try to stay away from the typical text message/IM lingo and check that search thing out and you will do fine.

Best of luck.

I'm glad you through him a bone!
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