OT - Feathered Beams in Sibelius

Hey all,

So, I understand how to create feathered beams in Sibelius when creating an accel, but how would you go about creating such a thing for a ritard and actually have the playback as a representation of what you're seeing?  Thanks!
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If there are sounds in VDL2 that are ";performed"; this way (i.e. the ritard is played on the recording, like some of the woodblocks for example), the best way to do this would be to enter a whole note (or something with some length before releasing), and placing it in layer 2, then hiding it. Then in layer 1, enter your feathered notes, and select all notes in layer 1 (windows shortcut click the bar, then click control-alt-shift-1), and set them NOT to play, by UN-checking the ";play on pass 1"; checkbox in the playback pallette.

If there is not a recorded sound for the ritard you are trying to create, my best suggestion would be to either write it in, or simply play it in in real time. Once it's ";written"; place it in layer 2 (shortcut: select notes, click alt-2), then place the feathered rhythm into layer 1 (and set it not to play, as described above).
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