Kontakt 2 glitch

When I playback Finale 2006 using Virtual Drumline, it's sometimes like playing the lottery.  After i get done listening to the part I want to hear, I hit the stop button.  Well sometimes Kontakt wants to keep going. It not only wants to keep going, but it trys to get all the notes in as fast as possible.  Just a ton of notes all at once, basically freezing the computer.  It doesnt do it all the time.  Anyone have this problem?
One thing that will help people pin down the problem is to list your basic system specs (i.e. Operating System, RAM, CPU speed, sounds card type, versions of software that you are using).

That's also not necessarily a Kontakt Problem. Which release of Kontakt are you using, by the way? 

When I was still using Finale, I would have that problem even when loading VDL2 and other VST instruments as plugins in Finale, with nothing external involved.  I don't know if it could be compared to a clogged drain that will eventually let all the water through, and will do so at snails pace, but this is how it seemed sometimes. 

Does it just freeze or does it keep going and loop a particular section over and over?
I am using Windows XP, Pentium 4 1.7 ghz with 1 gig Ram. 

It plays the remaing sounds in the file and then freezes.  It doesnt loop anything over and over.  KonTakt 2.  Not for sure which version.  I'll have to check. 
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