Puffy Tenor Sounds are fading in and out in Kontakt

I am using Kontakt 2.1.1.  How do I fix the puffy tenor sounds?  They fade in and out wheather I play them back in Cubase or Finale.  Velocities are even and this doesn't happen when I use VDL2, just in Kontakt.  So I assume it's an issue in Kontakt.  Thanks for your help.
Good deal!
Yes, it worked like a charm.  Thanks Again.
Did it work?
Jim, I'll try that.  Thanks guys.
Hey Scott,

To add to what Jim said, that will be the fix for any instrument that has the fade out thing going on. 
Scott, this is a bug with the initial library shipped with VDL2. We'll be releasing a long-overdue update for it very soon, but in the meantime, you can fix this by doing this:

On tenors, click the wrench
Click the Group Editor
Click the ";edit all groups"; button so it's highlighted
Scroll down to the area that says ";modulation"; and click the ";Retrigger"; button two or three times so that it's yellow.

When you save your multi, you won't have to do this any longer. Sorry for the glitch!
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