Wiretap volume levels

I just got wiretap pro on my mac and I had just one quick question. Is there a setting to bring up the volume when you are recording? I have all of my volumes up ,but when I play back the recording in itunes it's quiet. Do the volume levels come up when you burn it to a cd? I dont think its a vdl2/sibelius  thing because I  tried recording some stuff off the internet and it was  low in volume as well. So I would like to thank you guys in advance because you are always so  helpfull. Im not the most computer literate guy so it's nice to know I have somewhere to go when I need help. So like I said, thanks.

-Darryl Jones

ibook g4
sibelius 4
wiretap pro
Ok, so I played with the program more and so my earlier questions have changed. These ones probably make a bit more sense. When im recording using wiretap should I select mac audio or mac audio/internal mic to get the best sound?. Also, which compressor in the wiretap preferences is recommended for vdl2 stuff?.  Should I even compress the recording?. Anyways, I hope these questions make more sense. Thanks yall....

-Darryl Jones
Problem solved. It turned out to be an itunes issue. Thanks

-Darryl Jones
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