Specific Mallets in VDL:2

So, it's just my curiousity, but does anyone know if there is a list or a database that specifies which mallets are used for which instrument? For example, what mallets were used on the hard marimba rosewood, etc?

I have thought about this too. I know it would be almost impossible for legal and time reasons, but it would be cool if in updates you could have the following:

* Marching battery instruments with different heads choices (Remo Clear pinstripe, White-Max, Evans White, Suede, Remo renaissance., etc.)

* More implement choices (IP mallets, Mike Balter Mallets, MalleTech Mallets, anything you can imagine)

* Concert snare and toms with different head choices (same type as above)

* Different snare bed tunning opions (e.g. dry or wet...changing the pitch just does not do it for me)

And while you are at it, sample all those great Cavie brass sounds this summer...lol

Again, I know how hard this would be. I love the program the way it is. But the addition of the above items would ROCK!

I can only imagine how much time and how expensive that would be.  I wonder more if the next version will have the Cavaliers batterie sounds and if they do, it would allow for at least [i]some[/i] difference in sound given the whole Pearl and Yamaha thing.
Okay, this thread is four years old now, but I'm still curious to know what mallets were used in the VDL recordings.

Really, I'm only curious about the keyboard mallets and timpani mallets.

Anyone with ";inside information"; care to chime in?
dang!!! Eric going WAY, WAY back!!!
It's all good. Thanks for the reminder, Eric. We actually used a variety of Innovative Percussion mallets, but it's been too long for me to recall the exact mallet numbers. Many of them were from my mallet series, but not all. I know specifically that the ";med dark"; xylo mallets are the 1007's.

The marimbas used a combination of slightly different grades  since certain mallets weren't going to speak consistently in different registers. So, for example, the soft marimbas aren't comprised of just one soft mallet, but rather, two or three models to allow for a bit more consistency throughout all registers.

Sorry this couldn't be more specific.
[quote author=Jim Casella link=topic=1185.msg19770#msg19770 date=1278530747]
Sorry this couldn't be more specific.

Well actually, I was hoping you were going to use this thread to announce the new documentary film, "; the Making of Virtual Drumline."; The DVD bonus features would list the full mallet and stick break down. Also, a 20 minute feature on getting the ";frog"; and ";garden weasel"; samples just right...

I'll settle for the new Rush documentary, though!!
[quote author=erath link=topic=1185.msg19771#msg19771 date=1278538562]

I'll settle for the new Rush documentary, though!!

Which I really enjoyed!
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