Lack of sound during playback in Sibelius after following available directions?

Ok, I'm relatively new to Sibelius (although I've got the hang of it like I want finally), I just bought VDL:2 and I'd like to think I an intelligent individual.  That of course was before these computer programs made an idiot out of me.  So here is my problem.....

I have followed the directions in VDL:2 to the letter (so I think), but I can't get any of the sounds to play back.  I can get VDL to make the sounds but not when I play them back in Sibelius.  I have downloaded and installed the MIDI Yoke program/ patch thing and it appears in Sibelius and VDL.  I downloaded the ASIO4ALL program and that screwed up my computer completely, so I deleted it and now my normal sound works again.  I don't have a MIDI keyboard and at the moment can't afford to purchase one.  I'm at a complete loss as to what I don't have the correct settings for.

What am I doing wrong?  Am I just another case of an idiot with a computer trying to act intelligent?  Any help in this area would be greatly appreciated.  My self esteem is rapidly diminishing as I type.  LOL
OK - for starters - I am assumming you have the channels set in the mixer within Sibelius set to the same channels as in the VDL2 player?
Yes, channels are the same.
Also, check that Midi Yoke 1 is set to ";ON"; for your midi input in VDL2, and that all other midi inputs and outputs (in vdl2) are ";off";.

Then, be sure that each of your sibelius staves are set to playback to ";Midi Yoke 1"; in the ";device"; menu of the mixer.

Don't confuse MIDI Yoke 1, 2, 3, 4, etc for actual midi channels. Midi Yoke 1 is the virtual midi cable (not your midi channels). It is the only ";device"; that should be sending information. On that ";device"; you have 16 channels to choose from (which should correspond in vdl and the corresponding staff channels in the sibelius mixer).
I double checked all off that and everything was how it was supposed to be.  Other suggestions please?
How about this simple question...

Can you play sounds on the standalone?  Can you load in an instrument, click the blue keys, and get sound?

I know it's basic, but it hasn't been said...  if that's not working, the Sibelius stuff is all moot.
[quote author=drumcat link=topic=1186.msg5052#msg5052 date=1151023862]
How about this simple question...

Can you play sounds on the standalone?�� Can you load in an instrument, click the blue keys, and get sound?

I know it's basic, but it hasn't been said...�� ��if that's not working, the Sibelius stuff is all moot.

Good point.
The standalone works fine.  I've loaded in multiple different instruments and can hear them when I hit the keys on VDL.  Next option??
You're using the VDL:2 template from this site correct? ��How are you entering the notes into Sibelius? ��You say you don't have a MIDI keyboard to enter the notes in. ��A hunch tells me our problem lies somewhere in those 2 questions.

And Jim, what the heck are you doing up so freakin' early?
I'm using the VDL template from the website.  Note entering is done via computer keyboard and mouse directly into Sibelius.  I chatted with Drumcorpbc for a while and couldn't come up with a solution.

Any other ideas anyone??
Do you have any other software samplers?  Anything that does work?

Also, can you go without ASIO for a test, and see if that's what the problem is?  That SigmaTel onboard is flaky...
Unfortunately I don't have any other software samplers.  I deleted ASIO off my computer because it screwed up the sound on my computer completely, so I'm not even using ASIO.  VDL works on its own and I can get sound out of it, just not thru Sibelius when I play back a score.
In Sibelius, under Play > Playback and Input Devices, is the MIDI Yoke that you're using have a ";Yes"; under the ";Use"; column?
Yes it does.
OK, then do this...

In VDL2, Load a marimba only.  It should list as channel 1.

In the Playback and Input dialog, click [test]

Did you hear anything?  It should have been one note.

In VDL2, change channel from 1 to Omni

Click [test] again.

You should hear about 15 notes.

If you don't hear notes of any kind through this test, let us know.
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