OT: Importing audio loop into sequencer

I'm trying to import a loop, created in Fruity Loops, into Sonar, my sequencer of choice, although my question also applies when I do the same in Cubase SL.
When I import the audio file, into Sonar lets say, it doesn't sound the same. I have the tempo set the same when creating the loop, however it seems slower and longer when imported!

Does anyone have any ideas why that may be?

Be sure that your export in FL is exporting at tempo.  Sonar wouldn't know any better.
Also be sure that each program is playing the file at its original/intended sample rate. Going from 48000 (DAT) to 44100 (CD) or vice versa could result in the file sounding out of pitch or tempo. Check some of the other forums in the ";learn more about audio/midi"; topic in the helpful hints board.
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