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Oh a little bit about myself. I am on the traditional style of marching band with corp elements. I graduated from  Morris Brown College and I was in and wrote for the movie ";DRUMLINE";. I actually played quints in the movie. I am the instructor of Mundy's Mill High School and the C.R.E.A.M. Drum Corps ii Atlanta Ga. (also known as the official drumline of the Atlanta Hawks). I can write funky stuff for corp lines(high school,dci,wgi,etc).                    Other than that, oh yeah what I wrote for the movie Drumline was the the 1st battle cadence that was at the end of the movie called ";DESTRUCTION";. THAT WAS SOMETHING THAT GOD ALLOWED ME TO DO ALONG WITH ANOTER INSTRUCTOR. Other than that.................HAVE A BLESSED DAY AND TODAY WILL BE A BETTER DAY THAN YESTERDAY!!! VD2 IS ON POINT BY THE WAY!!!
This isn't an adboard.  While I appreciate your capitalism, I think Tapspace can sell Tapspace cadences on the Tapspace site.  How about you buy some advertising from them.
Personal Ground rules

1. All caps = yelling. I'm not a big fan of people yelling in my face unless I'm on the football feild.

2. I agree that Tapspace site = Tapspace items

3. I love God with all my heart, however I do not use him as a selling point nor appriciate others doing so.

4. It's generally a good idea to make sure your links work before posting them.

Indeed advertising is not permitted on this forum. We encourage useful and supportive exchange of information here, but blatant advertising is not something we need cluttering up the forum for our members. For a refresher on the forum rules, please see:

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1. All caps = yelling. I'm not a big fan of people yelling in my face unless I'm on the football feild.


Hmm. I'm still not a fan of yelling regardless of the venue!
Well I was refering to the good kind of yelling!! (cheering!)


I'm with you on that! Count me in.
Me too!
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