VDLMidi - new version coming

I've been working on a new version of VDLMidi recently, and I'd like to get some people to take a look at it before it's sent out in a general release. If anyone is interested, please email me at the product address: [email]vdlmidi@gmail.com[/email]

So you know what's coming, here is the current list:
-Universal release! (supports Mac with Intel CPUs)
-Multi-note input, for drumsets, double stops, etc.
-Re-work of the MIDI code
-Pressing 'esc' no longer clears the search field, which was annoying in Sibelius
-Automatically checks for updates on launch (which can be turned off too)

If you have any other ideas for features, feel free to post them here or email the address above.

And thanks for all the kind words in the other threads :)

Wow!looks like you really nailed it on the head. One thing I would like to see is a faster way to change between the instruments. Perhaps the ability to set ";shortcuts"; somehow. Or have clickable customisable buttons (like browser toolbars do) that will bring you to a certain instrument.

Also, the search could use some improvement. For example. If I type RH unison hits, but VDLMIDI has it listed for Unison RH hits, nothing will come up.

Thanks for a great tool!!!!
Nice work!

Out of curiosity, how hard was the switch to universal binaries?  Some companies made an update within days the intel Macs came out, others (like Adobe) won't update for a long, long time.
It really wasn't that difficult to make VDLMidi universal, but every application has a different set of circumstances. I was using some code from another person to actually play the MIDI notes, which would only work for PowerPC. To make things work for Intel I rewrote the code myself - which took some time.

I could have released a Universal version earlier, but there aren't universal versions of most music programs yet (Sibelius, Finale, the VDL2 player, etc), which will be the real performance bottleneck for people.

How long it will take for an application depends on a lot of things - this one was pretty simple, and another one of mine just required a recompile. For other applications, they can have components that will take much longer - and the more code you have, the longer it can take. Larger applications also have many more things to test to ensure everything is working, and the amount of testing has doubled since they have do it for both PPC and Intel.
Great news!!!
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