Please Help with keyswitching

Whenever I do a keyswitch (regular to puffy mallets on tenors for example) it changes the sounds in the whole score.  How do I get select part in the score to use puffy mallets and still keep the rest of the score using reglar mallets?  I'm running VD2 with Finale 06.  Any help would be great. Thanks.
By changes the sound of the whole score, can you be more specific? Is it acting as a keyswitch on all keyswitchable instruments?

I'm guessing you are running VDL2 by itself and not hosting it in another program?

A few specs on the system you are using would also be helpful.

I concur with Eric. It'll be easier to offer suggestions if you can be more specific to what it is you are doing.

If you use a keyswitch to switch to puffies (D0), you must enter another keyswitch (C0) to switch back to regular sticks. If you've stopped your score mid-stream (say during a tenor puffy phrase), you may notice that if you try entering tenor notes, you'll hear puffies. That's because the instrument hasn't been ";told"; to switch back yet. Simply punch a C0 to activate the keyswitch (you don't even have to enter it in your score), and you should hear those tenor sounds then switch back. For your score to play the stick changes where desired, you must enter the keyswitch as an actual note in the score, so Finale essentially ";plays"; the keyswitch note, and performs the stick changes for you.
Thank you for the response.  I'm still not sure I'm understanding quite how the perform the stick changes.  I have a two measure phrase on measure 62 and 63 of my score that I want to change to puffy mallets.  Right now I'm putting an actual note in measure 61 to perform the stick change.  But what happens is every measure before and after 61 also use puffy mallets.  Then I put a note in measure 64 to change the mallets back to normal and then every measure in the entire score, including 62 and 63, use normal mallets.  Whenever I do a keyswitch in the score, it always changes every note and only recognizes the last keyswitch that I entered.  The keyswitches don't change every instrument(which is good), just the tenor line, which is the part I'm trying to change.  I'm running VD2 through native instruments in Finale 2006 on a PC computer with 1G of RAM and 60G hard drive.  Thank you for all your help.  Please let me know if I can give anymore info that be would be helpfull in solving my problem.
I like to enter these types of keyswitches as a grace note, then hide it so it doesn't appear in the part. I'd also suggest you enter a C0 at the start of your score (grace note prior to first entrance).

Try listening to only the tenor part from measure 1, then listen to the entire score. Are you hearing the changes? You should be. If you stop playback mid-score, the next time you play part of the score back (regardless of where you're starting) will playback with that currently selected keyswitch. To set it to the desired keyswitch, simply hit the key (on your midi keyboard) to set it to what you want to hear.
This post will cover the best way to do what you need. Just change the playing zones to different sticks or mallets. Also, like Jim said remember to make a change back to the regular mallets using the same method.

I gotta say, in an ideal world I'd like to avoid having to keyswitch at all.... it would eliminate this situation where you have to pass a certain point to make the score sound right (or do other work), and it would allow for multi-sound parts, like one puffy mallet and one regular, etc.

But we have to work within the constraints that MIDI allows, right? :)
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