Spanks Question....

I ordered Spanks yesterday and I began learning it right away. When I got to measure 45, I noticed a rather "challenging" sticking for the tenor part. I am talking about the THIRD rimshot( wich is a right). Was that RIGHT rimshot intended to be in there becuase it WOULD be easier and make more sense to play that rim shot with your LEFT hand rather than your right. OR Is it meant to be played with that sticking to ";challenge"; the player even more?

Here is the sticking that it is written in the score: ()=rimshot notes

rr(L)rrll l(R)llr rr(R?)rrl ll(R)lll

My idea of playing it would be like this:

rr(L)rrll l(R)llr rr(L)rrl ll(R)lll   

I would just like to make sure if my idea on playing it is correct OR if it is meant to be played with the more "challenging" sticking?

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You are correct. This is a typo. Your intuition is correct. I will get it updated in the score. Good eyes...thanks for letting us know!

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