How to use the mod wheel?

Hello,  I am a new user of VDL2, I just want to say how awesome it is.  I just love it.  my question is this:

I am using Sebelius 3 to imput the music, and I want to have the tenors use  Dreads, and play shots as well in the same music. 

I go into the VDL2 and change the mod wheel so that the dreads sound when I imput those notes, however if I write shots in the next couple measures, and change the mod wheel setting for that, the dreads sound like shots now. 

How can I keep the Dreads and the Shots? 

Thank you very much for any assistance you can give.  Mahalo.

Before you play back each time, scroll the mod-wheel all the way up, then all the way back down.  Should help out.
I think it's important for you to understand the difference between [b]physically[/b] moving the mod-wheel up or down (with your midi keyboard, or moving it on screen with the mouse), and actually [b]writing[/b] the mod-wheel controller changes into your score.

Since you use Sibelius, it's best to enter the mod-wheel change by typing it into your score with a midi controller command. Use ";techniqe"; text or ";expression"; text to do this.

~C1,1 <this moves the mod-wheel to a value of 1 (all the way down)>
~C1,127 <this moves the mod-wheel to a value of 127 (all the way up)>
~C1, 44 <this sets the mod-wheel to a value of 1 (i.e., ";dreads"; on tenors)>

The tilde (~) hides the command so it won't print on the part. C1 stands for ";midi controller 1"; (which is always the mod-wheel). After the comma, you enter the parameter you want to set it to. It's usually a good idea to enter this just slightly before the note where you want to hear the change occur (you can physically drag the text to the left or right to affect how early or late the message is sent.)

Hope this helps.
Thank you very much,  It works just great now.  This product is unbelieveable!
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