XP Media Center 2005 ???

Is anybody running this and VDL2?  I am wondering if this is the source of my problems.  I have read some reviews online and some seem to think its quite unstable.  If anybody is running this succesfully please let me know... Otherwise I think I am going to return my new computer and just build one from scratch.
VDL2 runs fine with XP media center.  The extra features of media center vs. regular XP have nothing to do with running your notation or other music software.  The hardware drivers are the same.  Everything is the same, you just have a different option to playback your movies, music, and pictures if you choose to use it.  If you are having stability issues, your problem is elsewhere- which sounds like it's a bad Audigy card or incompatibility bug with the mainboard. 
And I don't buy that, since I'm running fully up to date.  Your mileage may vary, but I think that's a red herring.
See thats what sucks....mine came with the latest service pack... and micosoft wont let me revert.  I think I'm taking this machine back.
I had a friend who installed the latest service pack from microsoft on his computer and had nothing but problems with running vdl2. It ran fine before he updated the computer, so all he did was reinstall the old service pack and it ran just fine. I dont know 
if it was user error or his compter, but it runs good now.

-darryl jones
We could use some more detail...  what did you get for a BSOD on the Audigy?  What behavior is it that makes your rig ";unstable";?
Sorry to hear of all your system troubles. You might also find some of the ";tuning tips"; helpful at this site:

Lots of good ideas there for optimizing Windows to play nice with music/audio.
The Audigy 1 card was constantly crashing the system.  Even with the most recent drivers, so I pulled it out.  I'm back to the onboard audio system, which is why I am using the asio4all program. 
I don't know anything about XP Media Centers, however if you're using an Audigy card (I think I remember you saying that...), you might want to ditch ASIO4all. Perhaps you have some sort of driver conflict going on with your audio interface.
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