Sibelius - changing VDL2 instruments in a staff.

How can I change from, say, chimes to Xylophone inside a single staff in Sibelius? I'm working on a piece where one player must switch to/from chimes, xylo, and bells, and I want it all in one staff. Notation is not any problem, but I'd like to get an accurate playback, so I can record it for my students to study.

Thanks in advance for the help!
Are you running VDL2 in stand-alone mode or you using it in conjunction with another host program (Logic, Cubase, Kontakt)? If you are using it in stand-alone mode, you won't be able to do the switching you're describing. That doesn't mean that you couldn't get around the issue, but probably just not the way you're describing.

Give us some specs on your system and I'm sure we can find a solution!
Eric is correct. It sounds like what you are wanting to do is [b]program changes.[/b] Right now, this is only possible if you are loading your VDL2 sounds into Kontakt 2. As a VDL2 user, you do qualify for the ";crossgrade"; pricing for Kontakt 2. More info at:
Thanks for the info, guys! I'm using VDL2 alone with Sibelius. I guess I'll just use another staff for the instrument changes. My little student can figure that out!

Thanks again,
A handy way to use an extra staff is by using an ossia staff. That way it'll be included with the primary staff you've addd it to when you print parts.
Hey! Yeh! The ossia works great!
Thanks, Jim!

BTW - AWESOME book for the Cavies!
Yeah, the ossia staff is a VERY handy thing to know about!

You can always create a playback version of your file and a ";print"; version. With the playback version, obviously keep doing what you're doing, but with the print version, just cut and paste into a new file so it looks like one continuous part. It's more time consuming that way, but it might be easier for your student to figure out initially than having to hand him a decoder ring and ouija board.

You should definitely think about upgrading to Kontakt 2 at some point. I only got it because it would save the instruments and I could just call up a preset instead of loading each instrument manually. But there are so many other benefits that have pretty much made K2 invaluable to me! Program changes are probably worth buying the program for alone!

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