Host Programs on Intel Macs

Just wanted people to be aware of an issue if you have some non-Universal applications on an Intel Mac...

Programs are only able to load plugins that use the same architecture. So if you run AULab natively on Intel and have VDL2 installed, the VDL2 plugin won't show up in the list.

To make it work you need to select your host program in the Finder and choose ";Get Info"; (cmd-i). In the ";General"; section it will list information about the application, such as:
Kind: Application (Universal)
...or PowerPC, or Intel

If the application is Universal and you want to use PPC plugins, you will need to [b]check the ";Open using Rosetta"; box[/b], which will use the PowerPC version of the application and allow you to load your PPC plugins. Of course this code doesn't run as fast as the Intel version, but running fast doesn't do much good if you don't have sound :)
I looked for the Rosette check under GB and it wasn't there. I have seen it elsewhere, so I know what you're talking about. I also don't see VDL2 under GB. Does this mean VDL2 won't run under GB until VDL2 is updated? Thanks... Peace!
Yeah, I don't see the checkbox for GarageBand either. There are some notes in the GarageBand discussions:

It looks like the safest way is to wait for the universal version of VDL 2...
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