Sustained cymbal rolls on the keyboards

Forgive me if this has been discussed before but what does everyone feel is the best way to do a sustained suspended cymbal roll on the vibes and marimba? I'm arranging something right now that requires a big, f'n loud impact for 3 measures of 3/4 time and I've got a sustained cymbal roll across several instruments in the pit but the actual keymaps for the keyboard instruments only contain crescendo rolls or crashes. Even the suspended cymbal instrument sounds only seem to contain crescendo rolls.

I'm using Sibelius 4.1 and Kontakt 2 if that helps
Hi there. There is actually going to be legitimate sustained suspended cymbal rolls available in a library update which is due very soon! You'll have the ability to allow the cymbal to ring/decay naturally upon release, or quickly mute with the hands. They will be on each marimba/vibe instrument, as well as the 15";, 18";, and 20"; suspended cymbal instruments.

I know this doesn't help you at this exact moment, but this long-overdue update is almost ready. Stay tuned.

I look forward to the new improvments.


I was having the same issues.
Can't wait.
Sorry this update hasn't quite made it to you yet. It is actually coming very soon. Just trying to finish some last details. Corps schedule has been slowing progress on this. Soon though!
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