SIbelius 4 - no VDL2 dynamic parts

Sibelius 4 doesn't recognize my VDL2 voices as dynamic parts. All I can get is the wind parts in a full band arrangement. Sib does show the percussion parts in the ";Instruments"; list. Did I miss something in the set-up?  Everything else (playback, note entry, etc.) works great. I'm using VDL2 as a stand-alone, with Sib 4 in Windows.
Are you saying that you're hearing both VDL2/wind parts fine when you're playing a score, but NOT when you're just trying to play a part that is being played with VDL2 sounds? I'm not sure it's clear what problem you're describing.

If you're triggering two sources like this, it is crucial that you set EACH staff to the correct ";device"; and ";channel"; in the sibelius mixer window. Could this be your problem?
I think what he's referring to is when you open the Sibelius template, there are no dynamic parts ready to focus on.�� I missed a step while creating the templates and never really realized it till it was mentioned.

To fix the problem, open a blank template and press CTRL+A to select everything.�� Then, click on the Parts button in the quick launch bar at the top.�� Next, select New Part.�� It will ask if you want to create a default set of parts.�� Click yes and then close the parts dialog box.�� The dynamic parts are then created.

Jim, if you want I can shoot you a copy of the updated template to upload.
I am assuming you mean [b]blank[/b] and not [b]black[/b] template :)
WOW!!!  Nice typo.  Thanks Dave for catching that.
Yes, since the current template is technically in Sibelius 3 format (easily portable to Sib 4), it might be a good idea if we post an official Sib4 version. Fire away Bill. Thanks!
AH! Outstanding fix! That worked great, and I have a new, improved template for my marching band. That also worked on the existing files I am currently working on.

Ya know, this is one of the more productive forums I have found among those for the various softwares I use. THANKS, GUYS!

[quote author=drumcorpbc link=topic=1215.msg5221#msg5221 date=1151946612]
WOW!!!�� Nice typo.�� Thanks Dave for catching that.

Bill - no problem - just trying to help out... ;)
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