Grace Notes in Finale 2003

Hi everybody. Im using VDL:2 with finale 2003, and its one of the best purchases I've ever made. The only problem I'm having is setting up the grace notes to sound like flams in playback. I've changed the EDU duration in the document options and in playback options, but when I use the grace note tool on a note, it replaces the duration of another note in the measure. How do I fix this problem?

-Max Power
If you're using Speedy Entry, try this. 

Enter an 8th note and then some 16th notes.  Next click on the 8th note.  Now hit ";G"; on your keyboard.  Voila, a grace note has been created. 
i do use speedy entry and i use G to enter the grace note. the problem is when entered, the grace note replaces the value of other notes in the measure. b/c im trying create a flam, i cant have that happen. any other suggestions?
When you enter the note which is to become the grace hit G right after, then continue entering the remainder of the measure.

Ted Boliske
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