Garritan to release Marching Band collection

I was just looking around on the Garritan site and saw where they are going to be releasing a set of marching band sounds soon.  This should take care of the missing saxophone sounds I would think.  Check for the info.  It is slightly down the page from the top (look for the animated marching band people).

I was more or less remarking on the last statement you made.  While the people you mentioned might not think that VDL2 is the best investment, and have made that abundantly clear (on DrumHard, which I do peruse on occasion), there is no need to mock them and add fuel to the fire.  With the exception of the occasional adult website and various other spam, this website is essentially free of trash, and I'm sure that Jim would like to keep it that way. 
Sorry if you were offended by my satire.  Sarcasm is a hard thing to get over the internet.  Regardless, many people did comment that  they enjoyed my little joke.  I'm sorry you didn't.
Any more info on this?
Bookmark the Garritan website and put it in your daily web surfing schedule. I'm sure they'll put some type of announcement up when the time comes.
I emailed them and they put me on a notification list. I hear ya dude, the suspense is driving me nuts!
Garritan has announced that CoMB is shipping today!
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