keyboard mapping with Sibelius

Good afternoon!

I am curious:  has the mapping for the mutli-tenors changed
with the new Sibelius template or the previous one?  In Finale 2006,
for example, tenor drum #1, R and L, was c and b-natural respectively.
Now it seems to be b natural and b-flat respectively.  I am using
a midiman, Radium keyboard.  Have I inadvertently changed
a setting?  Or this this a new mapping?  I look forward to your

Take care!

Neal Flum

Hi Neal,

I just checked this with the new template and it seems OK on my end. Here's my guess. You may have inadvertently transposed the layout of your Radium keyboard. I remember doing that a time or two on my oxygen 8. Do a ";reset"; on it, and let us know if that puts you back on track.


A re-set took care of the problem.

Thank you!
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