New Multi Instrumets Questions

Well, I've been creating my own instrument Banks in K2 using the VDL2 library and creating the notation template in Sibelius as well. I thought since I have spent a good amount of time of these it might help to post them on the forums, but didn't know if it would open correctly on other peoples machines. Anyone have some input on this?
Thanks! I am very blessed to get to work with these kids. I just hope the whole orchestra on the marching band field works out for us. :) It should be interesting. I've alread had nightmares about the logistics of the soundboard!!

By the way, since you have made the switch I was going to ask.... Was it worth it? I was thinking about getting a MacBookPro in the next month or so.
The Sibelius template SHOULD have no problem opening up, all they would have to do is reset sounds to their specific machine. As far as the K2 .nkm file, when they open it K2 would need to do a search for the VDL2 samples since we all have our samples in different places on our respective drives. I went through this recently switching from PC to Mac and reloading my samples into a different external drive. It took a little while, but then all I did is save the multi and I was good to go.
Congrats on the Cy Falls gig, Sean definitely left you a good line! My wife works at Arnold MS (one of your feeders).

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