OT: Quad inc Hacked

Just a warning that some retard with too much time on his hands out there is hacking drum websites. I stopped by Quad inc (set up by Mike Stevens) today and some idiot had hacked it.
That Sucks.  I'm guessing it was a random hacker from overseas because the link goes to a site that shows other hacks sites in other languages.  I don't think it appears to be from a disgruntled drummer or something personal.

p.s. nice avatar!
Indeed this Turkey (pun intended) also hacked Lot Patrol and someone at the Trailblazers Drumline Audition this weekend mentioned they had seen other drum sites hacked by this...well...Turkey.

I guess once a hacker, always a hacker. You can't just join a site and enjoy. Even on the web, you're still flailing and ticking like a timex.

Even the hack sucked; I was able to repair with little/no damage. I have the IP address and multiple email addresses for this donghead, so if anyone knows a cool way to retaliate and cause his computer to explode, I'm all ears.

QI is up and running, with new lot clips from the Hillsboro show and an interview with Glen Crosby coming shortly.


Oh - and VDL2 rocks (on topic).

Mike Stevens
Sorry to hear about the hack and welcome aboard Mike!
Hey Mike,

I was at Hillsboro, and Seattle, too.  Nice shows!  I dig your 60 second...

I have some ideas for the poopoohead.  Just send me the IP, and I'll see what I can do.


-Mat Chavez
Since it is a crime to hack a website, I would first start by reporting it.  If he's overseas there's not much you can do- especially without hacking your site again.  Make sure your site password has both upper/lowercase letters, numbers, and is as long as possible.  This will prevent any ";brute force"; attacks on your page.  Don't use javascript to password protect anything either- it's useless. 
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