Trouble playing back

I am using a G5 mac and Sibelius 4. I've installed VDL:2 and have set up the program so it will work through the notation software. When using the template and inputting notes it freezes slightly and then throws multiple notes on the staff or will move the rests around the page. When playing back it doesn't produce any sound but when I run a test in the mixer it will play the test sound. When I am not using the template and input the notes it will use a few of the sounds from VDL:2 but not the correct ones and still throw multiple notes onto the staff. I had the same problem on my laptop but with using Sibelius 3 and it ";magically"; fixed itself when I tried using VDL:2 with sibelius 4. I have checked all the connections using the PDF's and the manual several times but nothing is working. Any ideas?

Are you using a midi keyboard? If not, you need to be sure that (in Sibelius) the input device, and output (playback) device are NOT set to the same thing. Typically the ";input device"; should be set to your midi keyboard. If you aren't using one, either set it to something other than your playback device, or click an empty area so nothing is selected.

If by chance you have these two settings set to the same item, you'll create a midi loop. This is a bad thing.
Hey that was the problem! Thanks a billion.
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