VDLMidi 1.1 released!

VDLMidi is a Mac OS X application that is a virtual input device for Virtual Drumline 2, which allows you to input notes without a MIDI keyboard.

New in version 1.1:
- the application is a Universal Binary, so it runs natively on PPC and Intel machines
- support for multiple note input (for double-stops, drumset notes, etc)
- automatic checking for application updates

There are more detailed notes in the ReadMe. You can grab the new version here: (the website has changed)


No permissions problems here! Works great like it used to... any hints to us on the additions you are working on with the larger update? Thanks again for a great product and great service to that product! Peace...
OK, I have a beta-quality version for people to try that should work on Leopard as well. Give it a try and let me know if it works for you (email vdlmidi@gmail.com, or post a reply here).

Here's the link to download it:

I was having some problems with permissions for the application, so let me know if that's a problem for anyone else.
I've been working on a larger update, but it looks like that will be a ways out. I will try to post a Leopard beta-quality version of the current app in the next couple of days for people to try out. Thanks for offering support guys, I'll take you up on that soon :)
I also cannot seem to load this on Leopard. 10.5.1.  Let me know if you need anything from me, Corey.  I can program but I can try things out for you if you want.

VDLMIDI won't work on 10.5 for me... I've used it a lot in the past and would like to know if it's just me that's having this issue? If so, are there plans on updating this for 10.5? If not, is there a work around or am I just out in left field. Thanks, and I really hope such a great program stays alive... Peace!
SWEET!  Thanks Corey!!!!!
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