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Um ok, if i want to use the Template in finale 06 to play with VDL:2, it has 16 or 17 instruments on it, how do i get it to even coordinate sounds to the second half of them. Since it is a full score it has all these instruments for a pit and battery but when i pull up VDL:2 it only loads i think 8 instruments.... theres a lot left how do i get sounds for them because when i try to edit the virtual instrument it pulls up the same first 8 every time. i am new to midi so if somebody could explain something to help me figure that out that would be much appreciated.

Also, say i want to use the template with finale 06, since it is a full score how can i remove staves? when i use the setup wizard i can never get it to play VDL:2 sounds but once again i am new to midi; but i will assign them and they will never play... so if i just use the template can i remove instruments, say for example only leave the 3 battery parts?

much thanks to anyone who can help me!
Great help Ted!

Kobalt - don't forget to check out the Finale help menu or the manual.  Since you are ";new to midi"; as you put it, many of your questions can probably be answered in one of those places (manual or help menu)

Good luck!
#1) If you are using VDL2 as a VST/AU plug in with Finale06 then you can load more than one instance of the player. The limitation of 8 channels or instruments is part of the player that VDL2 is built upon.

#2) Use the template from Tapspace rather than attempting to build your own with the Setup Wizard. The additional pit sounds can be assigned to the 2 'Percussion' staves.

#3) To remove staves, select the staff tool (looks like a staff) - select the staff or staves you wish to remove - go to staff tool and click on remove or remove and reposition.

#4) Assign instruments with the instrument list found under the 'Windows' pull down menu.

Just to note: answers 3 and 4 can be found by reading the Finale manual, the Finale Quick start guide or by using the Finale Help menu.

Ted Boliske
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