Sibelius 3 on Intel Macs?

Hey, I was just wondering if anyone has been able to make Sibelius 3 work on an intel Mac yet; I've been trying since I got my 1.83 GHz MacBook Pro, but can't open any files (even the Sib3 VDL2 template).  I can open the program itself and build a score from scratch, but when I try to open an existing project, the entire machine freezes (which takes me back to my first post on this forum, when I got Panther to crash and was oddly proud. . . ) and I need to reboot.  It sounds like Sib4 will run (albeit slowly), but I'm not investing in an upgrade until it's for a Universal version.  Any advice would be cool; I have a desktop that runs fine, but having a portable solution would be very helpful. 

I know this isn't the Sibelius forum or anything, but I've always seen this as a little more user-friendly and Mac-savvy forum where I can get my questions answered quicker and better.

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I went ahead and installed boot camp on my iMac and am running Sibelius 4 on the Windows XP side.  The program runs quick and effeciently on XP, a lot smoother then under Rosetta.  For me, this is the temporary solution until the Universal Binary version is released at which point I will dump the XP side: ).

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