Removal of page numbers from the Sibelius template??

How do you remove the big page numbers from the top of the pages in the Sibelius VDL template??
Page Numbers are controlled in the HOUSE STYLE MENU -->ENGRAVING RULES area of Sibelius.�� Click the Page Numbers text on the left when that opens up and you can turn them on and off.�� This is not something that is specific to the Tap Space Templates and how to turn these off can be found in your Sibelius 4 Ref. Guide on Page 202. (MAC Documentation)

We should be careful that this doesn't turn into a Sibelius or Finale tech support forum.�� ��:)
Thanks.  I thought it was a template specific item as I couldn't figure out how to remove it thru Sibelius directly.  My fault and my apologies.
No Problem.  :)
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