Removal of page numbers from the Sibelius template??

How do you remove the big page numbers from the top of the pages in the Sibelius VDL template??
No Problem.  :)
Thanks.  I thought it was a template specific item as I couldn't figure out how to remove it thru Sibelius directly.  My fault and my apologies.
Page Numbers are controlled in the HOUSE STYLE MENU -->ENGRAVING RULES area of Sibelius.�� Click the Page Numbers text on the left when that opens up and you can turn them on and off.�� This is not something that is specific to the Tap Space Templates and how to turn these off can be found in your Sibelius 4 Ref. Guide on Page 202. (MAC Documentation)

We should be careful that this doesn't turn into a Sibelius or Finale tech support forum.�� ��:)
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