mod wheel settings

hey guys, i have a quick question here, i am using vdl 2 with sibelius but i am not using a midi keyboard. How do i set the mod wheel so i can use the tenor drums rim sounds, but also use the shot sounds. i havent been able to figure it out. Thanks
no it isnt at the same time, totally different places, but i dont understand the other things your telling me to put in, where do i put that code?
Are you trying to trigger a rim shot and click at the same time?  If you're doing that, it's not possible to do on the same staff.  If it's shot, click, shot or similar, just do a C1,127 for a shot, then change it to a rim click and back.
Unfortunately, that is not possible as that would require that the mod wheel be set at two different places at the same time.  No omnipresent mod weehsl as of yet :-)

However, if you really need those sounds, you could try the following...

-Create a second tenor staff on a different channel than the first
-Assign the Tenor staff type to the new staff
-Enter the following MIDI messages

~C1,0 <end MIDI message> for the shot notes
~C1,96 <end MIDI message> or another note between 96 and 127 for the rim notes

-Enter the music
-Listen and enjoy :-)

Then you can hide whatever you don't want to see. Hope this helps!
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