How do you use different sounds/ instruments for the same player in a score?

I guess this is both a VDL and Sibelius question, so please forgive me. 

Is it possible to use different instruments/ sounds for one player in a score?  I'm trying to write 8 bars of accessory percussion parts for my mallet players in the beginning of a piece.  I want to use one staff/ part in the score for each player.  Can I switch instruments in the middle of a score for a particular part and still have VDL play both sets of sounds separately in stead of simultaneously? 

If anyone could help explain what my settings in VDL need to be I would be extremely greatful.  Thanks.
What you're describing would be called a ";program change."; Where one program (i.e. tambourine) is swapped out on the same midi channel for another program (i.e. marimba).

The VDL2 Kontakt Player is limited in certain features, and this is one limitation. To perform program changes as you describe, you would need to use Kontakt 2, and load all desired instruments for a certain channel into what they call an ";instrument bank."; Then by entering a program change message on that sibelius staff (for example type ~p3 to change to program 3), it will swap out instruments like you want. This is how I do it.

As a registered VDL2 user, you are eligible for the ";crossgrade"; priced version of Kontakt 2. Or, if you work for a school, you would qualify for the academic pricing. Details at

Hope this helps!

AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!  More stuff to buy!  Considering I'm in school full time and only teaching part time this wasn't exactly what I was hoping to hear, but at least I now know what to do.  Thank you.  As always I greatly appreciate your help.

So far I now need to purchase a new computer, pro audio sound card, Kontact 2, good MIDI keyboard and ......  :) lol 
Sorry to deliver the bad news. I hear ya...seems like it's always something. You can still get by with your current setup by attaching an ";ossia"; staff (on a different channel). It's not as elegant, and probably not what your ultimately looking for, but it's a workaround till you decide to take the next plunge. I'd definitely spring for the MIDI keyboard first. The 49E is only 99 bucks, so it's a little easier to swallow.
Perfect!  The ";ossia"; staff will work for now.  I learn something new about these programs every day.  Everything else will have to come after my wedding in September.  I don't think the fiance would accept a new computer and accessories in place of the wedding. :)  Thanks again.
Maybe Sweetwater has some sort of wedding registry. Sounds romantic, huh? :)
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