VDL 2 sounds not playing on Sibelius

I have VDL2 running on Sibelius 4, and when i use my Midi keyboard to put in the sounds, the notes show up in the correct places (with the correct noteheads), but when i playback there is no sound. I'm due to make a listening CD for my drumline within the week so help would be greatly appreciated.
What settings do you have set in the play menu in Sibelius and in VDL:2?
In Sibelius I have Kontakt Player and MIDI Yoke NT: 1 set as yes and everything else is set as no. In VDL 2 in the 'input interface' I have MIDI Yoke NT: 1 set as yes and everything else set as no.
The channels are all assigned correctly?
Yes, for now I have channels 1-4, as snare, tenors, bass, cymbals.
okay...i've noticed something that may help, the meteronome click that is optional to play during playback made no noise when i selected it.
This may seem like a silly question but one that still needs to be asked to rule out one of the obvious potential issues.  You do have the speakers turned up loud enough to hear and you do not have the computer muted or anything like that?

Again - just checking to make sure the most somple thing was not the culprit.
Yes, I have the speakers on pretty loud.  On the VDL 2 computer keyboard; i can hear the sounds when i click the keys, its on sibelius that i hear nothing.
I've noticed yet another thing that should probably be noted to narrow down the problem.  None of the instruments are working on playback now, even horns/strings/etc.  Before I configured Sibelius 4 with VDL 2 the Kontakt Player Playbacks worked.  Although when I test both my virtual midi cable and Kontakt Player on the Devices menu, I hear the appropriate sounds.
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