VDL:2 Library Update - Version 1.5 available now!

[size=11pt]Available now on our updates page - [b][url=https://www.tapspace.com/updates]VDL:2 Sound Library Version 1.5 Update[/url][/b][/size]

This is a free update of the instruments/multis for registered users of Virtual Drumline 2. This updater is primarily an efficiency “bug fix” release. In addition to the many fixes included in the instruments, there are a few new features that we’ve implemented that will give you more options such as:
[li]2 new “Rack Combo” instruments[/li]

[li]Fully sustained suspended cymbal rolls (with natural or muted release)[/li]

[li]Improved functionality when using in Kontakt 2[/li]

[li]Improved usage of default polyphony settings[/li]

[li]Muted glockenspiel control[/li]

[li]Many minor fixes to several instruments[/li]

We thank you for your enduring patience with this long overdue release!
MMMMMMAAAAAAAAAAANNNNNNNNNNNNN, I guess it's gonna have to be ok. Are there any other drums on there that can be substituted for it, we really need that drum. Oh yeah, are you having any type of competitions coming up like the parking lot one that you fellows had?

Check out how I used your sounds at www.myspace.com/innerbeats
The Concert Snare and field Drum map has 'snares off' for both instruments, there is the Full Concert Toms map, the Drum Set maps, the Roto Tom maps and the Rack A map has Concert Toms. Depending on the number of bass drums you'll be using you could set up a second bass drum staff, name it single tenor, and assign the top bass to this staff. There are plenty of methods to work around the issue other than recording and mapping a new instrument.

Ted Boliske
I keep getting an error reading: "; The system cannot find the file specified";�� Am I doing someting wrong?
Just to clarify - you did download the update?  As long as you know where the file downloaded to you can manually direct it to find the files if needed...pm me if you need more..
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