Finale 2005 Map with Sibelius

I know it's been said somewhere because I've read it, but I've looked for almost an hour and still can't find it. How can you use the Finale 2005 Map with Sibelius (is there a 'cross temp' I'm not seeing)? I ask because I'm doing a project with someone using Finale 2005 and he's wanting all mapping to be playback compliant (not necessarily written, I'll print separate parts). He also doesn't have VDL. He'll be using the Finale sounds (Boooo!). Thanks in advance. Peace...
There is a Finale 2005 keymap in the library. It matches the Finale marching percussion mapping. I am not a Sib. person, so I can't tell you where to look in the app for this map, but it should be there.

Ted Boliske
Since the Finale 2005 ";combo instrument"; was written specifically for users of Finale, I don't think there was a percussion map implemented for it in the Sibelius templates. Perhaps you've uncovered a scenario where it would be helpful though?

If you want to build a Sibelius map that uses the ";Finale 2005"; combo instrument in VDL2, you can create a new ";staff type"; in Sibelius. You can determine where different sounds are mapped to by referring to the Keymap diagram in the VDL2 user guide. NOTE: C4 in Sibelius is the equivalent of C3 in VDL2 (Native Instruments programs all work this way). Thus, C3 in the printed keymap diagrams pertains to the NI definition, not Sibelius'.

One other note if you decide to do this. Be sure that if you have common noteheads that share a staff line (or space), that each notehead is a unique number. For example, it will not function properly if you have two instances of notehead 0 (zero) on the same staff placement. If you get stuck, Bill Castillo is somewhat of a whiz with this and he may have some pointers for you.

Good luck!
Thanks for the quick replies... I'll give it a shot and see what I can come up with.
So I think I got it... It's about 5 AM and I just finished troubleshooting (I'm now very tired and ready to sleep). Anyone with Finale and Sibelius want to double check me? Send me a PM with your e-mail and I'll throw one your way when I wake back up.

I stuck with the VDL standard as much as I could. In fact, the only three I can think of that weren't pulled from somewhere in VDL were Tenor rims high, low, and Gong (Tam Tam). All of the notes were also pulled straight off of the VDL manual. As of right now my testing capabilities are 0 beings that my new Intel MacBook won't register Finale 2005 and I haven't received a RAM upgrade that would be sufficient enough to run VDL & Sibelius through Rosette at the same time. Peace... and good morning.

P.S. Remember that this doesn't fix the notation problem it just makes sounds a little more transferable between Finale users that don't use VDL and everyone else.
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