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this is kind of a finale 2006 only question -- how can I have some measures in a song play with swing values, and others not?  For isntance, this some I am arranging...it is swing for the 1st half, and then straight for the 2nd half.  I know how to do it in Sibelius, but not in Finale?  I can change it to play it in swing, but not for only part of the chart....it seems like its an all or nothing deal.  Please help!
I'm not sure how to do this in Finale. I'd check your Finale 06 documentation or perhaps check on their forums at:


Good luck!
In the Tempo Tool, there is a set swing option. If you read the Finale manual about EDU's you should be able to get it. I've never had to use it though. . .

Another great source for Finale related issues is...

The best way to do swing playback is with an expression.  If you would like you can PM me and I will be glad to walk you through it.
1.) Click the expression Tool -->double click over the note at which you want this to start
2.) Expression Selection Window opens -->choose Measure Expression or Note Expression from the bottom -->Click CREATE
3.) Type in the text that you would like - to hide this go to the text menu and choose STYLE as HIDDDEN (the text will be grey)
4.) Click the Playback Tab -->Type = SWING
5.) choose your swing value by click the Standard Swing Values button or entering a number

This expression turns it on.�� you will need to create another expression that turns it off by going through the same process and then setting your swing value to ";0";.

Another great link for these Finale questions is http://support.makemusic.com for all your technical support questions.�� This will get you in contact with Finale Technical Support.  You will want to know your serial number/email and pass word for your online account.
Great info Scott. Thanks!
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