re: Vibe pedaling cuts out


I am using the Vibraphone with the sustain pedal and have run into an odd problem.
When I listen to each vibe by itself(the are 2 grand staves) the pedaling does exactly what I want it to. When I play the same selection but with the rest of the pit playing the pedaling goes away and everything is played pedal up.
Anybody had that happen, or can you refer me to a thread about it? I couldn't find one...

Are you entering a pedal marking using the L (line) tool with a line underneath the staff? That is the only way of pedaling that I know of in Sibelius, but I figured I'd ask about the obvious.
Yup, L line and everything. It's inconsistent when it happens, I didn't know if it could be related to RAM usage or CPU usage. It only happens when there are several other instruments playing.
Possibly a latency issue?  Jim or Bill or anyone else care to jump in?
Sustain pedal is midi controller 64. sibelius sends a midi message to this controller when it encounters a pedal marking.

Do you have more than one vibraphone STAFF (in Sibelius) going to the same pedaled vibraphone in VDL2 (i.e. sending through the same midi channel)? If so, two staves could be sending opposing controller messages to the instrument. Maybe not what you're encountering, but definitely worth asking.
For the passage in question, both vibe parts ARE going to the same channel but the 2nd is just a copy of the first. I'll put them on different channels and see what that does.
While we're on the subject, has it been previously suggested that a vibe setting/sampline for half-pedal would be helpful? I think I would use it pretty frequently (as I do when I play vibes), but I might be in the minority on that one.

Anyone? Anyone?
I don't know how difficult it would be to add this to the next round of updates but I would think it would be pretty handy to have as well...
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