Bass Unison Rims (AUTO R/L MAP)

Bass Unison clicks do not seem to be in the new map in Finale.  I can hear them obviously, but they seem to put a ";d"; on the staff - becasue they seem not to be included in the named sounds.  Clicking ";all named notes"; does not seem to help becasue it isn't a ";named note";

OH SORRY...this is for the AUTO R/L bass map
Did you answer your own question? I'll double check to verify. However, most of the work I did on this template was to add the additional maps for the new racks and suspended cymbals. If they were missing before hand I might not have noticed.

No biggy...thought that since I was using 2007 already for some stuff I'd check it out...I usually use more of the frontline stuff  :)  I think all the work you have done with these templates is GREAT!!  You are definitely helping to speed the writing process up and doing the grunt work of making these maps - which is tedious.��  THANKS AGAIN.  Keep up the great work.
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